Bikes in School

As well as the obvious benefits like improving both physical and mental health, there is a wider social and community imperative to get our children and families cycling. It is this next generation of children that will need to be living and working differently, with sustainability and with the environment in mind. At school we have:

  • 400m asphalt cycle track
  • about 100m of limestone cycle skills track
  • 49 bikes (3 sizes)

Why we support bikes in school?

Cycling more is one tangible way of living and working more sustainably and this is supported by Christchurch City Council who have a strong Cycling Strategy because research shows cycling can help provide:


The school joined this programme because it benefits the children and families of the school in so many ways…

  • Raises the confidence, self-esteem and resilience of pupils through a fun activity
  • Delivers health and wellbeing outcomes for the pupils (and staff)
  • Provides an opportunity to self-manage risks within a safe environment
  • Instils the habit of using an environmentally-friendly form of transportation
  • Results in the children and extended family biking more often
  • Pupils gain knowledge, skills and confidence to ride safely outside the school area

This is all possible through the support and generosity of the Friends of the School (PTA) and Board of Trustees and the  following organisations: