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The Papanui Primary School Board of Trustees operates an enrolment scheme and zone.

For 2019 the board has determined there will be a ballot to accommodate siblings of current out-of-zone students and up to 20 out-of-zone New Entrants.

Applications for the 2019 Term 3 & 4 Ballot are being accepted.

Please contact the school immediately to register your interest in the 2019 Ballot.

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New Entrant Children

Starting school as a new entrant is an important milestone in a child's / parents / caregivers life and we want to make it a memorable and pleasant experience.  Our new entrant children have made a movie to show new children what a day at school looks like.  You can view this in the Media Gallery on the right.

Pre School Visits

After completion of the enrolment the Assistant Principal will contact you approximately six weeks prior to your child starting, to arrange a series of pre-school visits.  The purpose of these visits is to give your child the opportunity to become familiar with class routines and to meet his / her future classmates and teacher.  Usually these visits are once a week for approximately four weeks before the child’s first day.  These visits can be for a morning or the whole day depending on how comfortable your child feels.  You are most welcome to stay if you wish.


A  new entrant stationery pack containing everything your child needs, is available to purchase from the school when starting.  All other students will be given a list of items prior to starting and these need to be purchased and named before the first day.  This makes settling in that much easier.

School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory at Papanui Primary School.   We expect all parents / caregivers to purchase a uniform for their child; the details of which are listed in the back of  this information pack.  We ask that all belongings are clearly named. Click here for more information on the school uniform. 

Buddy System

Your child will be made to feel very welcome.  He / she will be buddied up with another child to help him / her become familiar with class and school routines.

Further Information

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to ask a teacher, the staff at the office or another parent.  We are a small and very friendly school and we are only too willing to help.