Board of Trustees

The Papanui Primary School Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the school. The Board’s role is a strategic one, focussed on the big picture and employing the Principal to manage the school.  The BOT is made up of the Principal, an elected staff representative, several parent representatives who are elected by the parents and other members who are appointed by the BOT.
The board’s role is set by the Education Act and the BOT is required to ensure the school meets the government’s National Education Priorities. These are:
  • Success for all
  • A safe learning environment
  • Improving Literacy and Numeracy
  • Better use of student achievement information
  • Improving outcomes for students at risk
  • Improving Maori student outcomes
  • Reporting


  • Chairperson:  Carl Christensen
  • Treasurer:  Carolyn Brazier
  • Parent rep:  Belinda Smith
  •  Parent rep:   Rachel Maule
  •  Parent rep:  Tim Smith
  •  Staff rep:  Lisa Thompson
  •  Principal: Paul Kingston